Investigate ArrowYour Security

The security of your property, home or business is at constant risk of compromise. Insight provides a comprehensive array of equipment and bespoke services customised to protect your environment and assets while complying with stringent legal standards.

Harassment or Nuisance

We have a range of devices which enable you to record the content of incoming and outgoing calls on landline and mobile phones enabling you to gain the evidence that nuisance or harassing behaviour causing either you or your family distress.

If you have cause to believe that your property is being accessed without your permission, either by a stranger or by a person known to you that is no longer welcome then we can provide a range of discreet solutions that alert you to when this is happening, capture images and audio of these events enabling you to gain evidence that this intrusion has occurred.

If you are experiencing abusive behaviour inside or outside your home, Police are hard-pressed to act on words alone so our extensive range of covert audio or camera devices can help you capture this abuse enabling the Police to have evidence to act on.


You may be concerned by changes in behaviour in your child that he or she is suffering from bullying or nuisance behaviour from either peers or elders, which in this highly technological era is inflicted increasingly on computers, iPads and mobile phones via social network sites, phone calls and messaging services. If your child is frightened and hiding this, we have a range of devices which can gain access to the computer and recover lost or deleted information, similarly with many mobile phones, thus enabling you to get to the truth and more importantly enable you to help your child. We also have software that can be activated on the device to discover if this is occurring in the present time, and obtain evidence of such.