arrowHow to Stay Safe on Holiday

With many people finishing work today ready for at least an extended four day Easter break, the holiday and travel industry will be hoping for last minute bookings and a big increase in sales. Easter is the perfect time of year for people looking to get away from the stress of daily life to jet abroad for a long weekend or maybe even a couple of weeks, whatever you reason for getting away it is important that you stay safe.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay in the UK or jetting off abroad, there are always dangers to be aware of and situations that could present themselves on holiday.

Alcohol consumption is a big factor.  As with any holiday, many people let themselves wind down by drinking increased levels of alcohol that they are not used to. This can leave you vulnerable to many scenarios such as being left isolated in a strange place with no knowledge of how to get to your accommodation, getting caught up in an altercation and possibly sexual assault.

Nobody would expect people not to enjoy themselves, however it is crucial to stay safe on holiday for reasons such as the above dangers.

Keeping with friends or family and being sensible with alcohol consumption is a great place to start.  Safety in numbers and being compos-mentis will increase your perception of any potential dangers such as fights and individuals of a suspicious nature. Taking in the holiday area whilst unaffected by alcohol during daylight is a way of spotting landmarks and routes home if you do get lost from your group of holiday makers.

As well as personal safety issues, financial safety plays a big part on holiday. Taking out all of your money or cash and credit cards is a major risk.   Imagine your purse or wallet going missing on the first day of your holiday leaving you with no option but to rely on the finances of other holiday members with you or in worst case scenario having to go home before your holiday has begun. In the UK and abroad, most vacation areas will have safes where you can leave money, travellers cheques and valuables; always try where possible to secure your finances and belongings.

However you plan on spending your holidays throughout 2014, remember these simple but effective factors of how to stay safe on holiday.