arrowIs The Economy Shaping The Path Of Investigators?

It has been widely reported by both the investigation industry and national media that the current economy seems to be having a massive bearing on the way private investigators are being used in the last few months, compared to the previous months of 2012/2013.  Reports and blog posts from within the industry have suggested that company bosses and business owners are turning to the investigation sector in a bid to prove or even uncover instances of employee misconduct for financial gain and savings on staffing costs.

Perhaps people may see this as a smart move. However in our industry it does seem strange that enquiries of this nature are on the increase, especially during summer holidays when many employees are actually on holiday; could this be a very real sign of things to come for employees and the future of private investigators?

As a full service private detective agency, Insight can first hand see how the economic crisis could have a massive bearing on not just the overall business economy, but also on the private investigation sector specifically. It is not just commercial enquiries that will have a bearing, economic strain can and has over recent years caused strain on private lives through increases in divorce and the need for investigators to uncover instances of infidelity.

In our profession the methods, training and enquiries are constantly changing however there seems a very real path of progression and increase of these types of enquiries that show no imminent sign of stopping. You could say it is a great situation for a private investigator to be in; generating daily enquiries and perhaps new clients by consulting with private and commercial clients affected by the economy. However, it has to be considered that these types of cases can have an impact on the people carrying out the investigation.

Morals, the law and ability to undertake an enquiry should all be huge considerations as the evidence gathered could have positive, negative and a mix of both in impact…we shall see what the future holds as the economy remains uncertain!