arrowThe Benefits of Spy Technology

When it comes to investigation technology most people can be forgiven for picturing an arsenal of James Bond style gadgets to assist a super spy on a mission to prevent global destruction from an evil terrorist. Of course in the movies this is the picture that is painted to make the many forms of spy technology such as tie pin cameras, x ray sunglasses and various listening devices as glamorous as possible.

In real life investigation technology is perhaps quite a misunderstood phrase. The equipment deemed as spy technology is in fact better referred to as security equipment, tracking devices and also prevention of crime products. For example, if you owned an expensive, high powered sports car that was fitted with a vehicle tracker, would you refer to it as a gadget or as a very viable piece of tracking equipment? The majority of people would probably answer the latter.

As well as being an experienced investigation agency, Insight can also supply our clients, both commercial and private with a wide range of security and tracking equipment to ensure that your belongings and property are safe.

We can offer a solution to benefit anyone, imagine being able to call on the services of a monitored vehicle tracking system that can pinpoint the exact location and movements of your vehicle to the second. This sort of solution is great for people going on holiday as it gives great peace of mind that you can locate your car should it be stolen and it is also a very useful piece of kit for a business wanting to track employee use of company vehicles.

In these times of financial stress, many people have turned to crime after losing their jobs as an act of desperation. It should come as no surprise to learn that theft figures have risen as a result. For this reason it is imperative that you consider methods for the prevention of crime, doing this will greatly reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of any criminal activity. Insight can advise, supply and install a whole host of observation equipment to keep you and your property safe, from typical CCTV systems through to discreet, hidden cameras we can help.

If you would like to find out about the reality of “technology” and how it can benefit you personally, your property or business please do not hesitate to contact Insight today. For a full list of our technology and spy equipment services please visit