The Advancements of Spy Technology

You may not actually realise but spy technology is moving ever closer to standards of James Bond and his supreme stock of gadgets and gizmos… okay, maybe we aren’t quite there yet, but technology has certainly become an integral part of the job for the modern private investigator.

Covert Cameras

Video cameras have been one of the fastest moving pieces of technology in the last ten years. Cameras are able to be so small that we can hide them almost anywhere and nobody will know. At Insight Investigations, we use ‘Tie-Pin’ cameras. They are discreet and extremely useful. Mounting a camera at that height gives us a great shots and potentially great evidence.

GPS Tracking

Ever since the first Sat Nav, we have begun to see GPS enabled devices making their ways into our everyday lives. GPS is a fantastic piece of technology allowing us to accurately track devices in real time creating potential leads and uncovering secrets of whereabouts. At Insight Investigations, we use state of the art GPS and GSM technology that allows us to track assets securely.

Lie Detection

Polygraph Testing, also known as Lie Detection is one of our best facilities at Insight Investigations. It allows us to record numerous factors about a human response to a question, from pulse to blood pressure, from respiration to skin conductivity. All these factors help us decide whether there is a lie being told or if they are telling the truth. These subconscious bodily changes can be vital for us confirming suspicions.

Phone Monitoring

We offer a range of tools to recover lost or deleted information from mobile phones or to monitor its current use in relation to family or employee matters. Many models of phone software can provide content of text messages, emails, web history, call logs, GPS tracking and more.

Debugging Sweep Services

As part of our countersurveillance service, we offer a high-specification sweep service using top of the range equipment operated by our fully-trained specialist technicians. If you have any suspicions that your premises is under observation we can conduct thorough examinations to detect any camera or audio devices in your property or vehicle.

Listening Devices

If you need to record a conversation we have a range of devices for sale that can be implemented in the home, office, car or other locations with the capability of recording from a couple of hours through to hundreds of hours as well as the ability to record at pre-set dates and times.

Computer Monitoring

We offer easy to install software tools for both Mac and Windows operating systems with the ability to monitor activities and communications taking place on your home or business computer. If you’re not entirely confident with technology, we can install the software for you providing we have complete access to the machine. This software allows you to detect if your machine is being used to send sensitive information to email accounts you were not aware of, as well as to record websites visited and activity on these websites including social media sites. We can also provide re-entry to your machine if you have been locked out of access to it, allowing you to re-establish control of your machine.

For more information on the advanced spy technology we use and how it can benefit our investigations visit our spy technology page at: or call us on 0800 14 55 123.