How You Can Benefit from Hiring a Female Private Detective

Thanks to popular culture, the words ‘private detective’ usually conjure up a number of stereotypes, be it Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Sam Spade. Not only are the general stereotypes about their dress and lifestyle inaccurate, but we often have their gender wrong as well – because female private detectives are becoming increasingly common in our society, and they are a far cry from Miss Marple.

So why should you be looking to the fairer sex for answers to your conundrum? Here are just a few reasons:


Sorry guys, there’s no getting away with this one. Women are generally better at multitasking, which means they’re more suited to the demands of a PI’s role which can be varied and challenging. This being said It is always Insight’s intention to ensure that the female sex is well protected whilst conducting some forms of observation, so a dual sex team, is sometimes an excellent solution.

Matrimonial Investigations

Female private investigators excel in matrimonial investigations. Female clients respond better when they have the sympathetic ear of a woman, and while honey trappers generally belong in the movies, men are less suspicious if a woman is trailing them.  Conducting observation on a female by a female makes the “no go” areas accessible.  How often would you imagine going to the “ladies” to send private text messages or have phone calls, actually happened – quite a lot.

Diligent Researchers

Women are excellent researchers, and do an exceptional job in reviewing court papers, gathering data and using the latest computer research technology. Combine this with their sometimes critical and inquisitive nature they are well equipped to get the job done.

Superior People Skills

In general, people are less suspicious of a female which means they’re more likely to relax and let a vital piece of evidence slip out. People are less likely to be suspicious of a stranger on the end of the telephone if they hear a female voice, and women make excellent interviewers as they’re generally  excellent when it comes to reading situations.

Observation Advantage

Female private detectives find it much easier to fly under the radar when they’re on observation as people are less likely to be suspicious of their presence. It’s also an advantage if the subject is another woman, as women often fear being stalked and are more likely to be aware of a man’s presence.

At Insight Investigations, we have a number of female private detectives who work on a variety of different cases (and our guys are pretty good too!).

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