CCTV Prevails as ‘Disgusting’ Cobane Steals from Disabled Elderly Man

You may have seen on the news lately footage caught on camera of a young woman stealing cash from a disabled pensioner she was apparently ‘looking after’. The video has shocked the nation and the family have branded the actions of Lisa Cobane from Manchester ‘disgusting’. The victim, Malcolm Gill, suffers from multiple sclerosis and had frequently let Cobane into his home none the wiser to her bad intentions. It was only when Malcolm’s family became suspicious when money went missing that her actions finally came to light. The family hired private detectives who installed a secret camera in the pensioners’ home, and the footage captured shows the former hairdresser diverting Malcolm’s attention before stealing a twenty pound note from his mantelpiece.

CCTV Catches 'Disgusting' Cobane

CCTV Catches ‘Disgusting’ Cobane

Although this was only petty theft, this is a prime example of how CCTV and Hidden Cameras installed by a Private Investigator can help you find the evidence you need to confirm or deny your suspicions. If you’re suspicious about possible theft on any level, and feel that you would benefit from discreet and efficient CCTV and Hidden Camera services from a private detective agency contact Insight Investigations now on 0800 14 55 123.