Challenging Weather for Observation Operations

This weekend has brought a series of weather warnings as snow sweeps across the UK, slowing down businesses and giving people across the nation an excuse for a day off – but not our observation teams. At Insight our observation teams are still waiting at airports throughout the UK for flights to arrive, even if they’re delayed by several hours, to commence observation operations on passengers arriving into the UK. Some are even awaiting their own flights to arrive across UK airports to commence observation on overseas operations (although I’m sure they won’t mind getting away from the British weather for a while!). Some of our teams were even stuck in snow drifts conducting observation awaiting commercial thefts to take place.

We’d just like to say a big thank you to all the teams stuck in traffic or adversely affected by the snow, sticking to their work and ensuring every operation runs as smoothly as ever. Whatever the weather wherever you are today, stay safe, drive carefully and be sure to wrap up warm!