Five Signs Your Partner is being unfaithful

Relationship infidelity is an age-old problem, and partners who are being unfaithful can be very good at covering their tracks. However, as private investigators with lots of experience in catching unfaithful partners, we’re experts in identifying little changes in behaviour that can act as warning signs to the existing partner. Here are just a few.

Changes of Routine

Late nights in the office, the pub after work, or a week long business trip are all well-known ways of concealing an affair. For many working people, these aspects of life are a reality and difficult to investigate.

But what if they suddenly become interested in doing something they’ve never shown any interest in before? A tennis club. Amateur dramatics. Even the school run. A sudden change in attitude can signal something’s going on.

It’s All About Sex

Often an unfaithful partner will lose interest in sex, but this isn’t always the case. Many people who are having an affair will experience an upturn in sexual interest, and this can manifest whether they’re playing at home or away. There’s also the possibility that they can become more affectionate through guilt.

An unfaithful partner may be more inclined to engage with you at other levels too. It may seem counter-intuitive but often they’ll become chattier and apparently more interested in your life. Very often there is an increased desire to know your plans, know where you’re going and what you’re doing, so they can make their own plans in a way that avoids arousing your suspicion.

A Different Approach to Technology

It seems obvious that somebody who is trying to hide their internet usage might have something else to hide. Yet many people will just view it as a need for privacy. Maybe you’re used to browsing on the same computer with the same log-in, occasionally finding your partner’s favourite website still open when you go to use it? But then it stops. They get a tablet and become very protective of it. They’re overly fussy about passwords and closing things down as you approach. Maybe they’re shopping for your surprise gift, or maybe they’re being unfaithful.

Non-Committal Approach to Long Term Plans

Okay, okay, we’ve all had partners who are completely unable to think ahead or commit to anything, right? But if they’ve been reliable up till now, then a reluctance to plan ahead can be a sign they’re having an affair.

You’ve always planned your holiday a year in advance, but now they’re umming and erring. The house move that they’ve been wanting for so long is suddenly off. There’s a chance that their new house and next year’s holiday might not be with you.

Knowing for Sure

It may just as easily be that their excuses are correct, they’ve genuinely become interested in your supermarket trip, or they’ve got other worries that are throwing them out of kilter. The last thing you want to do is destroy a happy relationship by being suspicious.

If you want to be sure exactly what’s going on, then hire a matrimonial investigator to catch your unfaithful partner. Contact Insight Investigations by dialling 0800 533 5455 and our private detectives will confirm your suspicions or help to put your mind at ease.