Insight Investigations on BBC Radio 5 Live

If you were listening to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning you may have heard Pam Hewitt telling her story, and how Insight Investigations and our very own Tony Smith helped her.

Following a rigorous and painstaking investigation, Insight were able to help Pam by providing the evidence needed to help convict the stalker. The case as many of you may recall involved an individual by the name of Al Amin Dhalla who was the boyfriend of Alison Hewitt, daughter of Pam and her husband David Gray. In a series of increasingly bizarre events his behaviour became more and more dangerous, and eventually the police were called.

For more detail on the story view the article on the Telegraph.

If you need help because you feel that one of your family members is being stalked, then Insight have the experience to help you in these difficult times. For a discreet and private conversation please call us on 0800 14 55 123.