LCS Fee Reduction

The cuts to legal aid in the UK have resulted in a 30% drop in the fees afforded to barristers, and this is subsequently causing a vacuum in terms of barristers willing to work these sort of cases. In an article recently written by the BBC, the cuts have been purported to have had a drastic impact on the quality of legal representation, in regards to those requiring legal aid.

Bizarrely enough, the cases most affected by these cuts are some of the most complex that we face, and with so little benefit involved, many barristers are flat-out refusing to take the job.

Alex Cameron, brother to the prime minister is working without pay in aid of halting a case that is directly affected by these changes. He fears that with the lack of adequate legal representation there may be a serious miscarriage of justice on the horizon.

Even sometimes simple tasks undertaken by Private Investigators such as service of legal process, the LSC fees have been dramatically cut.

The very ether in which our justice system exists is beginning to wear thin, without access to the correct legal assistance, many of could fall victim to bad lawyering. For us, as a private investigation firm, a lot of what we do involves the legal system, and many of the results we bring people warrant a rung on the legal ladder.

How then do we insure that our service leads to the right outcome, if it seems that money can play a role in the verdicts ahead? Well, we can’t. Until these cuts are reduced it seems that our legal system will present us with whole load of problems when pursuing the truth, which to us is the only thing that really matters.

Luckily for our customers, and anyone steering our way, our investigators are highly trained and capable of piecing together data with enough value to sway a case regardless of how unfair the representation may be. When you can’t trust in the legal system, you can always fall back on the unflinching certainty of solid empirical evidence, and of course the consistent professionalism found only with us here at Insight.