Office Christmas party affairs: How to detect them

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but tis also the season of parties, drunkenness and affairs. In a recent study, over 73% of men who had extramarital affairs met their mistress at work. Work affairs are hard to detect as your partner can claim he or she is working long hours, but office Christmas parties are perfect for exposing workplace affairs. There are several signs that reveal your partner is having an affair. We, at Insight Investigations, give you some top tips for finding out if your partner is taking part in extra martial activities.

If you’re going to the party too:

  • Introduce yourself to your partner’s co-workers – be friendly and let them know who you are. Watch out for people’s reactions. If they seem surprised or flustered then your partner may be having a secret affair.
  • Use the party to your benefit – make friends, network, exchange phone numbers, etc.
  • Listen to the office gossip – people may say “Oh, is that her partner? I thought she was dating Bob!”
  • Subtly observe how your partner interacts with others – is your partner friendlier with a particular person? Or are they very cold towards someone? Both could indicate an unfaithful partner.
  • Take note of what gifts your partner receives from colleagues – if your partner gets something thoughtful or personal from someone then perhaps this indicates a close relationship
  • Observe how others act around your partner – is a certain person hostile towards you or overly friendly?

If you’re not going to the party and your partner is:

  • Making a big effort to look attractive for the party.
  • Distant. This is a pretty obvious one but sometimes people are distant for a number of reasons including stress, fatigue, tiredness, personal tragedy, depression etc.
  • Behaving in a guilty or shifty way.
  • Partaking in secretive or unexplained behaviour – not even telling you when or where the Christmas party is or discouraging you from going with him/her.
  • Spending less time with you.
  • Making your gut instinct go crazy.
  • Repeatedly mentioning someone’s name with unbridled enthusiasm.
  • Overly defensive.

Of course, there may be an explanation for your partner’s behaviour – don’t jump to conclusions. If you’re worried your partner could be being unfaithful then call us for free now on 0800 14 55 123 or 03450 178 100 for mobiles.