The reality of being a private investigator

There are many misconceptions about being a private investigator. The main one being that it is a glamorous job! When people think about private investigators the image that often springs to mind is Humphrey Bogart being effortlessly cool playing Philip Marlowe. TV, cinema and literature have painted the way we think about private investigators with characters such as the affable Jim Rockford from the Rockford Files right up to the distinguished but clinical Hercule Poirot and the genius but emotionally flawed Sherlock Holmes creating the mystique that surrounds the PI.

So what is the reality?

The reality is the very hard work and long hours that a private investigator often has to put in to get a result. This includes doing several hours of research online before the investigator even leaves their house. It can mean driving several miles to follow someone or sitting for hours on end waiting at a particular site for something to happen. It will mean being ready for that moment when the subject being investigated shows their face and then ensuring that everything is captured on film. And after the moment has been captured there will be the long drive home and writing it all down in a report. Not so glamorous after all. I don’t remember Tom Selleck from Magnum PI doing any of this!

So why do people want to do it?

Well, eventually the ‘pay off’ happens. After several hours of waiting for something meaningful to happen and thinking that the day has been wasted, the investigator finally catches the subject in the ‘act’. The moment has been recorded on film and the time spent on observation leads to a result for the client. This is what any investigator will tell you makes the job worthwhile and motivates them to pursue private investigation as a career.

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