Risky Romance

We recently came across an article on the Daily Record website, which was outlining the potential dangers of online dating fraud, particularly one case in which a man Mary Thomson met online turned out to be a bigamist and a con artist. It also states that according to Action Fraud, reported cases of dating or romance fraud grew by a third last year. There were 987 reported cases of dating or romance fraud in 2012 – 248 more than in 2011.

They also advise that online daters should use ID checking website 192.com to background-check suitors, however we advise that the data on 192.com is often out of date, and it is relatively useless as a search tool for ‘background’. For example, how many CCJ’s does the average stalker have? Is it relevant that he owns his own property? Of course the site can be helpful in some ways, particularly if the amount of CCJ’s is of financial concern to you, but ‘serious’ investigation require a lot more tenacity.

While 192.com can provide basic information such as who else lives at the person’s address, if they own their property, their age (roughly) and how many CCJ’s they have, the data is not always 100% up to date and accurate and there is only so much that this information can tell you.

With online dating growing all the time – recent reports state that is the fastest-growing route to a relationship now, and that it seems soon most couples might meet this way. Of course this comes with numerous issues, particularly with the rise in romance fraud, and the anonymity the internet provides, anybody can act like they are anybody on the internet. (As we have written about before in our “Dangers of Internet Love” blog post).

If you need a more advanced and detailed background check, Insight can help. Our professional agents with wide ranging expertise and a wealth of experience can check facts and form a fuller picture, providing a detailed factual report from an independent source. Gut instinct can tell you that something might be wrong, but hard facts can make all the difference. Call us now on 0800 14 55 123 for more information.