Using a GPS device to track the movements of a company vehicle is a cost-effective and efficient method of gathering information, which can be an invaluable resource for mobile observation operations.

At Insight Investigations, we use GPS tracking systems for a wide variety of investigations, for both private and commercial cases.

What is a GPS Tracking System?

GPS tracking systems allow you to track the movements of a vehicle, or in some instances goods, at all times. In addition to telling you the location of each vehicle, the device can detect the precise location of any stops, how long the vehicle is at each location, and even the speed at which it’s travelling.

Vehicle trackers are small but highly effective pieces of technology that can be fitted to vehicles discreetly and tracked in real time. They are monitored remotely by our technical staff, and we can provide reports for a particular day or time as necessary.

Our private investigators can install and collect GPS vehicle trackers discreetly, and our comprehensive reports can be overlaid into maps, making the data easier to comprehend.

Why You Need GPS Vehicle Trackers

A GPS tracking system is an invaluable aid to mobile covert operations, and it can act as an extra pair of eyes when an investigation is so sensitive that a private detective cannot follow a person or vehicle without the risk of detection.

At Insight Investigations, we use GPS tracking systems for our commercial clients in a wide variety of investigations:

  • If you suspect an employee is using a vehicle for personal or other business use.
  • To check a vehicle is where it’s supposed to be, and validate any expense claims.
  • To track an employee on sick leave if you suspect they’re not ill.
  • To ensure that sensitive or valuable cargo is delivered in a timely and secure manner.

Using a vehicle tracker is a cost effective and efficient method of investigation and a less intrusive way of tracking an individual’s movements. It eliminates the need for a private detective to follow the vehicle, which reduces the chances of the investigation being compromised by the individual realising they are being followed. This can then be followed up by accurate observation, to gain photographic evidence, where required.

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If you are interested in using a GPS tracking system for a private matter, please visit the private investigation vehicle tracking page for further information on this service.