Countersurveillance in the corporate world

Observation in the corporate world is more common than you might think. In an increasingly globalised and competitive environment some less than scrupulous organisations turn to underhand methods and dirty tricks to get insider-information in order to gain a competitive advantage.Private Investigator

They want to hear about what is being said in important meetings, what the new products might be, which new business partners or clients you may be bringing on board and what you are saying and reporting to your shareholders. They want to know about your intellectual property and what your financial outlook is like. They know that knowledge is power and the more they know about you, the more they can prepare and steal a march on you.

The main target areas when it comes to corporate observation tend to be the offices of the CEO and directors, board rooms, conference rooms and even the offices of the PA. These are the most likely places where important decisions are made and that valuable company information is disclosed.

Spy technology today makes observation easier than it ever has been. Miniature cameras, covert listening devices, phone tapping and hacking, hidden micro-cameras and wearable recording devices are all methods that are regularly used. It is not uncommon for people disguised as workmen to plant these devices and also go looking for other information such as computer passwords amongst the desks and belongings of your staff. Disgruntled employees have also been known to be paid off by competitors to conduct observation and steal important business information.

Safeguarding your company’s interests is paramount if you think that you may be under observation and using a range of countersurveillance methods may be your best course of action. At Insight Investigations we can help you with a wide range of countersurveillance measures to ensure that your business is protected. Contact us now to find out more.