Employee Theft: A Crime That’s Difficult to Confront

Isn’t there enough to think about when running a business, without having to worry that your trusted staff have got their fingers in the till? If only that were the case. But unfortunately, dishonest employees have been around for as long as business itself.

Too Much

Sadly, employee theft is a reality for businesses large and small. Whether someone’s siphoning off the takings before they even get to the till, ‘accidentally’ dropping items into their handbag on the way out, or engaging in high-tech subterfuge to defraud you of large amounts of money, theft by staff accounts for billions in losses from businesses annually. And once they start, they keep on going.

employee theft investigatorsSuspicious Minds

The worry is not only that such activity is a serious breach of your trust, but as employers we often feel guilty about approaching staff we suspect of wrongdoing. We try to put it out of our minds. And yet the books still refuse to balance.

Finding Proof

You employed them. Their references checked out, and they’ve never been anything but helpful and friendly. Yet their desire for cash trumps all else. Their debts are mounting up, and their need for possessions is boundless. They pocket the takings with ever-increasing regularity, then use it to fund their addictions. But how can you prove it?

Don’t Be Cruel

This is where a private detective can be useful for employee theft investigations. You don’t want to confront the team member who’s been loyal for twenty years until you’re absolutely certain, so why not bring in someone neutral to find out discreetly?

At Insight Investigations we have a range of methods and techniques for investigating wrongdoing. Our detectives can go about their business covertly, causing the minimum of disruption and suspicion. Our experienced undercover operators use state-of-the-art technology to get all the evidence you need, so you can face the problem with the certainty that the truth can bring.