Static observations can be used when a particular location is watched rather than specific persons watched and followed. Our agents remain covert and static at the same location for whatever time period is required and observe and film vehicles and or persons coming and going, within current legal requirements.

Insight has private investigators experienced in static observations, be it urban or rural. Sometimes an investigation requires an Agent to be hidden in amongst undergrowth, or other unusual situations, in order to observe all the details of what is occurring at that location.

It may be that fly-tipping (rubbish is being dumped regularly) at the same countryside location. We have the experience and technology to enable Agents to be concealed in this environment with the aid of appropriate camouflage, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for days or weeks if required, noting all events that take place.

Urban static observations ranges from watching a property suspected of drug-dealing activities to monitoring properties where residents are regularly being harassed or intimidated by other persons. Utilising several observation vehicles adapted to ‘blend in’ with whatever environment is presented to us 24 hours manned, or electronic, observation can be maintained. Sometimes our findings then may lead to mobile observation operations and this can readily be undertaken using a second agent or team in a mobile observation vehicle parked in the vicinity.

Speak to Insight about your concern.  We can if necessary arrange a discreet site survey and provide you with a projection of actions required.

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