Construction Site Thefts

Thefts and vandalism on building sites is an ever-growing problem for the construction industry, which suffers over £800 million in losses every year.

Not only do site owners and managers have to deal with the theft of materials, malicious damage and eventual delays in building projects, but also higher insurance costs. Imagine if a member of the public was injured or killed by stolen plant machinery or if someone was injured on site as a direct result of equipment theft or damage?

Big excavator in front of the blue sky

It’s essential, therefore, that construction sites are secured and protected as much as possible. A combination of manned security and technology can be used to keep your site safe. Here’s a look at some of the best ways of preventing construction site thefts.


CCTV can be monitored on site by security guards or remotely through security call centres that can alert the police in the case of a break in. PA systems can also be installed to alert intruders that the police have been called.

If CCTV is installed, clearly marked notices must be erected, not only to deter intruders but also, without signs, any evidence will be inadmissible.


Sensor lights are activated when movement is detected. Lighting also aids security guards during night patrols.


Remote controlled alarms with a direct response link to the police are recommended. Silent alarms can alert police without intruders knowing, giving authorities the chance to catch them in the act.

Hidden Observation

Thefts can also occur during work hours. If you suspect a site worker is involved, hidden observation cameras can be used to monitor target areas and regular inventories should be taken to detect a pattern of gradual thefts.

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