Spy Gadgetry for Private Detectives

Let’s face it: mention the words ‘private detective’ and the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is the cool gadgetry at their disposal. Take James Bond for example. Some people love the glamour – those stunning women and the sharp fashion sense. Others may love the evil super-villains, or the all-action scenes. But everybody gets a kick out of seeing the new gadgets that Q provides for his favourite spy.

In reality, there’s a pretty big gap between the private detectives we see on TV or in the movies, and those in real life. Real private detectives don’t have pens that double as secret cameras, or can cut through walls with hidden laser beams. Neither do they race around our streets in cars with built-in ejector seats – as much as they’d like to!

However, real-life private detectives do have a wide range of technology at their disposal. Most investigations involve a significant amount of observation – watching and listening is our forte – and the quality of cameras and listening devices available today are of a quality that Mr Bond would surely appreciate. Cameras and microphones may have shrunk in size, but they’ve grown in terms of functionality and battery life. Listening devices are now directional, and can be tuned in to only pick up noise from a limited area.

We operate within the realms of the law, so we only install cameras and microphones where it’s legal. In addition, our operatives will run a test to see whether any bugs have been previously installed in the area, and will remove other devices if necessary.

There are also huge advances in the area of GPS vehicle tracking. Many corporate clients may wish to know where their vehicles are at any given moment, whether because they want to increase efficiency or are concerned about misuse of time or property. Whatever the reason, we can provide and install any equipment that you require.

While our gadgetry may not rival that of Mr Bond in terms of flashiness, we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.