Most Commonly used High-Tech Observation Equipment

The world of private investigation is a competitive one, and in order to deliver a high quality service to clients, private investigators need to be abreast of modern, state-of-the-art technology. Modern investigative measures are sophisticated and today’s Private Investigators need to have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a professional and competent service.

Here’s a look at some of the common high tech observation and spy technology equipment used in private investigation.

ObservationObservation Technology

Observation equipment is used to collect, collate and deliver relevant information for clients. As well as CCTV cameras, private investigators also use covert camera devices for discreet observation. Sophisticated mechanisms can be hidden inside clocks, light fittings, on the body or even in a soft toy. Cameras hidden inside replica rockery stones are a popular choice for outdoor observation.

For clients who suspect that they themselves are being monitored, de-bugging devices can be used to inspect a property and detect the presence of any hidden observation equipment.

Computer Software

Computer software can be installed to track activity, time of use and monitor access to websites and emails. This is particularly useful for employers who want to track the activities of their employees during work time.


GPS tracking devices can ascertain the exact location of something. It could be a vehicle, a shipping container, a mobile phone or even your child’s pushchair when out with the nanny, so is a useful device whether you want to keep track of your precious goods, or check on the safety of your loved ones.

Spy technology not only makes the sensitive business of retrieving information easier, it also helps to build a solid case for clients if evidence is needed for a court hearing.

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