Why Hire a Female Private Investigator?

Of course it’s essential to look for great experience, success rate, membership of associations, references and the right training when hiring a private investigator. However, sometimes you need to consider gender as well. That’s why we’re here to tell you why it’s a good idea to hire a female private investigator in some situations…

Female private investigators are fantastic at conducting:
– matrimonial investigations
– tracing missing persons
– internet dating fraud
– vehicle tracking
– background checks investigations
– infidelity investigations

Matrimonial Investigations
If you’re in a heterosexual or lesbian marriage and you suspect your partner of infidelity, then a female private investigator can be a huge advantage when gathering evidence. Our female private investigators are expertly trained on sympathetic listening and an understanding demeanour while remaining rational and professional at all times.

Undercover female private investigators are statistically less likely to arouse suspicion. Recent reports suggest female private investigators are more likely to make the subject feel at ease, thus more information can be extracted. Our female private investigators are trained to have developed people skills – all of our investigators, male and female, are well-trained in all sectors of the industry.

Identity Theft
This is where your identity is stolen by fraudsters in order to open bank accounts, take out loans/credit cards, take out mobile phone contracts and sell on official documents such as your driving license, passport and birth certificate. If you’re a female victim of identity theft we can send a female private investigator to pretend to “purchase” your identity documents. This makes it seem like a genuine “transaction” and the thief will be caught red-handed in no time.

Whatever your needs for a private investigator, Insight Investigations can help. Our team of dedicated private investigators can provide a bespoke service from asset tracing to
identity theft, we’re here to help.

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