It Never Hurts to be Protected

There are many reasons why you should purchase home security systems; however you may feel you do not need them because you live in a quiet, peaceful area. Nevertheless, this does not mean you are not vulnerable to home burglary, criminal damage or automobile theft. While you may live in a secure and friendly neighbourhood it never hurts to be protected should the worst happen.

Here at Insight Investigations we are a private investigation and detective agency, and can provide homeowners and businesses with the latest CCTV systems with quality technology that can capture a criminal(s) in the act of theft, trespassing, vandalism or anti-social behaviour. Our clear image technology can be taken as evidence by the police which can lead to the criminal being convicted by the courts.

We can supply and install you with our state of the art technology. We can also provide you with covert systems which can be installed in innovative ways to suit your security requirements. We also supply full site security solutions such as computer remote access gates, in house GPS/GSM covert tracking systems for your vehicle and computer forensic systems which can monitor your PC’s files and data storage.

Remember, safety is paramount in any home or business, and while you may be secure now, it never hurts to have additional protection. So, whether you need security outside the home, inside the home, for your business or vehicles, we are a reputable private investigation and detective agency that can supply you with a range of products and services that will ensure you and your property’s safety at all times.