Saved from an Internet Dating Scam

On Daybreak this morning they reported on Internet Dating Scams. Yes, unfortunately this is happening all too much. In the past few years Insight has dealt with female and male clients that have been duped into sending money abroad to people that they have become romantically linked via Internet dating, only to discover they do not actually exist.

Last week, we were able to assist a female client who had her suspicions about a high-ranking US officer that she was building a relationship with via the Internet. Just before she wired the money that was going to assist him with paying a bond to leave his current location to join her, she called Insight and we were able to help by establishing that the picture she had of the person was, in fact, a retired officer. The picture was almost 15 years old, which would make him 75 years of age, and not 44 years of age as was being said in the email exchanges.  Thanks to our private investigations, we were able to stop our female client from being duped out her savings.

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