The Growing Issue of Cyber Trolls

amanda todd video images

It’s always a concern to hear of the internet being used for instances of bullying and for disrespecting people, the last few weeks have again highlighted the very real and negative instances that occur each and every day across this vast network known as the world wide web.

A Canadian girl, Amanda Todd was found hanged at her family home only 6 days ago after a male who blackmailed the girl over a topless video of her and other bullies left her with nowhere to turn. She had made a series of YouTube videos to detail the events and wanted to try and make sure other teens didn’t suffer the same horrific treatment.

In an interesting twist to this tale, only 3 hours ago The Daily Mail revealed a story this afternoon featuring the same story of Amanda’s harrowing tale including stills and videos of her pleas for the bullying to stop; it has come to light that people are fighting back against the man involved, who was circulating topless images of the girl, by the way of a vigilante hacking campaign named Anonymous who have exposed the man’s name and found he used underage sex sites under a particular user name.

Whilst the law and Insight would never support criminal activity to “out” somebody such as the potential suspect it does go to show that this issue of cyber bullying and the growing number of what are referred to as internet trolls will no longer be tolerated.

This case involves a person who can only be described as a predator and a bully, there are many more instances of cyber trolls acting in such a disgusting way that have taken place recently such as people setting up a Facebook page paying homage to suspected double policewomen killer Dale Cregan. Quite why people support such pages beggars belief when two young women have lost their lives serving their local community.

Even more shocking is the case of a man of 19 years of age being jailed for writing a catalogue of nasty and vicious online posts about missing 5 year old April Jones who is believed to have been kidnapped and murdered from near her family home.

As the number of instances grows, so do the number of enquiries Insight receive from members of the public who are concerned that they have been targeted by such individuals. We have a range of services and the expertise to help expose a cyber troll before events capitulate and spiral out of control such as the above named real life scenarios.

If you think that someone maybe trying to befriend you, your children or somebody you know online for malicious purposes it is better to act on your concerns before it is too late.

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