July Review


As with the month of June, July brought in many diverse and interesting enquiries for Insight to deal with; here is a brief review of the month that has just passed.

Here are a couple of stand out scenarios and success stories from the month.

1. Facebook Tracing Investigation – In line with our recent feedback on the importance of social media and Facebook in the modern world of investigation it was pleasing to see that we had a case that requird our expertise in Facebook investigations.

We were contacted by a female who had been on holiday and met a male of a similar age, spending 4 days or so in his and his friend’s company. The female grew fond of the male over the days and learnt his personal details including name, birthday, city of residence and employment.

After arriving back to the UK the female was upset she hadn’t exchanged contact details with the male so decided to approach Insight to see if we felt there was any chance of locating the male on first name and location only.

Within a day we had managed to identify and provide a suitable means of contact for the female to get back in touch and would hope this is the start of a budding romance!

Of course as with any tracing investigation with a romantic angle to it we approached the situation with extreme care to ensure that the male was not going to become the subject of harassment to protect both parties. We provided the Facebook profile details to the client so that if the male did not want to continue conversation he could block or ignore the approach.

2. Over the past few months we have been in talks with a leading scriptwriter who is looking to write a new drama about a female private investigator. After conducting a meeting we feel very excited about the prospect of working on this programme as it will be a great insight into the industry, highlighting positive investigation aspects after the recent bad press over the past 12 months.

3. Employee absenteeism enquiries increased hugely throughout July, quite strange considering that a lot of people in the UK are taking summer holidays in this period, however it does go to show that commercial bodies and clients are taking this matter very seriously…we shall keep a keen eye on this trend.