Mirror Group Now Involved in Hacking Scandal

trinity mirror

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that another highly respected and high standing media company have now become embroiled in the phone hacking scandal.

This week, The Independent announced that Trinity Mirror, the publisher of The Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and the People newspapers had seen a massive fall in shares on the stock market due to a widespread announcement that Scotland Yard are now investing claims of phone hacking against the group.

It was made public that former England football team manage Sven-Goran Eriksson and four other high profile names have begun legal action against the Mirror Group with claims their own phones were hacked. As well as Mr Eriksson, actress Shobna Gulati, David Beckham’s ex nanny and Blackburn Rovers ex captain Garry Flitcroft have all taken steps against the newspaper publishing group.

The latest twist in this saga could indeed prove that the Mirror Group were involved in phone hacking before the now infamous and defunct News of The World. Investigators are poised to probe claims dating back to the 90s and could see celebrity interviewer Piers Morgan become involved as he edited the newspapers for 9 years from 1995.

Evidence has been given to the Leveson Enquiry and this could prove even more damaging financially than the recent 20 million loss on the stock market for an already struggling UK media giant; as it did with The News of The World.

Whatever way this latest shocking news goes is any one’s guess at this point, it does once again though back up the need for change in both private investigation methods and certainly the relationship between the media and private investigators. It’s great to see more steps being taken and other sectors away from the private investigator industry being exposed for underhand actions; you can be sure this won’t be the end of it all!