Phone Hacking Case Update

phone hacking

It has been announced today that the Police have won a major battle in the phone hacking battle and ongoing public enquiry into the scandal.

A high court order today cleared the way for a statement from Glenn Mulcaire naming the people who ordered him to carry out the phone hacking to be investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

This should again be sign as a real sign of progression in the ongoing phone hacking case and another indication of nothing being swept under the carpet in a bid to provide the public with a full picture of the scale of this deception by the now defunct News of The World media empire.

The statement can also be accessed by lawyers and legal representatives of potential victims of phone hacking but it will not be directly handed out to claimants of compensation or directly published due to the sensitive nature of the document. This should also prevent a potentially harmful leak into the public domain that could have an effect on the bearing of ongoing cases.

It is certainly another positive step and sign by the powers that be to clean up this mess and rogue element of our industry, Insight would hope more news like this comes to light.