Police Cuts Result in Crime Increase

Today the Acting Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary Chris Wright has announced that certain crimes in the Lancashire area have risen dramatically as a result of Police cuts.

It is only two weeks since Insight spoke about how we have seen an increase in cases that historically may have been handled by Police but are now being handled by private investigators due to severely overstretched policing resources; the news announced today via ITV News backs this up.

Since the start of the finiancial crisis many public sector, armed forces and indeed Police jobs and vacancies have been slashed massively; the result has been increases in crime both in public and in the workplace.

Chris Weigh, the Acting Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary has stated that Government cutbacks on Police forces are having a negative effect in areas such as Lancashire and are causing certain crime figures to rise dramatically. Criminal activity such as vehicle theft, home burglary and violent crimes all rose by over 5% comparing this April to the same month in 2011.

Over 500 Police have been removed from the streets which is being attributed to this shocking increase.

Insight’s services have helped many private and commercial clients who have been a victim of crime; one example of our services would be that we have a specialist team of vehicle tracking investigators who have managed to locate and assist in the recovery and ultimately prosecution of offenders by providing legitimate evidence.

In these times of economic hardship and cuts to Police forces it would be great to see the private investigator sector being highlighted for assisting members of the public and indeed the Police in a positive way. After over 12 months of almost 100% sector negativity it would be a breath of fresh air for the national press to focus on the positives of private investigators.

It goes without saying that we expect to see more and more daily requirements for our services during the current economic crisis, to what level remains to be seen!