WAPI to ask for Government Regulation

After months of speculation and pressure from members, WAPI are to ask the Government to regulate the private investigator industry and put the industry under similar standing to enforcement officers under the established County Court Certification act.

This call comes in light of the negative publicity and media coverage of the phone hacking scandal surrounding News International that has not only shocked the general public but also well respected, senior MPs throughout the UK. Insight have long campaigned for regulation of the private detective industry and will support any measures taken to infiltrate rogue private investigators carrying out illegal services.

By calling for the same regulation as enforcement officers, the cost to the taxpayer would be negligible as the industry would self finance the move through application, certificate and renewal fees. Having regulations in place such as this will no doubt give the public opinion of the private investigator industry a major boost and help to put recent negative media coverage in the past where it belongs.

We hope for a swift decision between WAPI and the Government, this action should have been taken years ago and could of prevented a lot of the illegal activities that have put our indsutry in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this year.