How to Deal With a Cheating Partner

Finding out or suspecting that your partner is cheating is a stressful and devastating situation. In many cases, discovery is accidental such as finding an unexpected text, email, receipt or even hearing it from someone else. Or it may just be gut instinct: something in your partner’s behaviour or movements that doesn’t feel right. However, once your suspicion is aroused, you’re going to have to deal with it. Here are two opposing ways that people choose to deal with a cheating partner.
Matrimonial Investigations


For many victims of infidelity, ‘love is blind’ couldn’t be truer. In some cases, people prefer to believe a lie than confront the painful truth, for fear of losing their partner. They try to bury their suspicions and ignore the danger signs.

However, suspicion is a very difficult emotion to hide. If your partner knows you suspect them, they’ll take even greater steps to hide the truth and adjust their movements or behaviour accordingly.

Trying to bury your suspicions is counterproductive. You’ll never find peace or be able to move on unless you know the truth. Denial is not the way to deal with a cheating partner.


Modern technology allows you to keep track of phone calls, internet usage, even a vehicle’s location. You could also install surveillance equipment. However, modern devices require technical know-how and expertise in tracking. A private investigator can help you with this. They can use the following methods to collect valuable evidence:

  • Computer monitoring software to track online activities
  • Mobile monitoring devices
  • GPS tracking to monitor the exact location of a vehicle at all times
  • Online profile searches
  • Covert home or office surveillance cameras and recording equipment
  • Background checks to reveal the truth about a partner’s past.

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