A Guide to Vehicle Tracking Services

Demand and interest in vehicle tracking services have grown dramatically in recent years. Costs have decreased and usage increased and it is no longer something that is used in exceptional circumstances. Many fleets are tracked with this and a growing number of private cars as well. But what does it involve, what situations could it be useful for, and would it be beneficial to you?

What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle Tracking - industrial plant and machineryUsing the latest in GSP and GSM technology, vehicle-tracking services provide you with the ability to know where your vehicle(s) is at all times. Once a tracker has been attached to your vehicle(s), you will know where it is and what it’s doing. By collecting information from the tracker, a vehicle-tracking service will be able to tell you which routes your vehicle has taken, what locations it has visited, and the time and date it was there. This information can even be shown on a digital map as a live report.

The Many Uses of Vehicle Tracking

But when are you likely to need vehicle-tracking services? For private individuals, the service can be used to track high-value goods, such as a boat or a caravan, or to follow an unfaithful spouse.

For corporate clients, vehicle-tracking technology has even more uses. Sadly, not all employees are trustworthy. Perhaps you suspect an employee of making fraudulent business expenses. Or using the company vehicle in their personal time. Or worse, theft or breach of contract. Employing a vehicle-tracking service can help you to gather vital proof.

Increasingly the technology is being used to protect strategic assets such as high-value plant and machinery. Thefts from construction sites have regrettably become commonplace but this technology can allow you to track the vehicle’s movements wherever it goes.

Other uses include checking that high-value cargo reaches its intended destination. You are even able to follow your items at each stage of their journey.

Real Benefits

Using a vehicle-tracking service can provide real benefits. You can gain peace of mind, whether over suspected infidelity, untrustworthy employee or high-value goods and, if you’re a business, it can also produce long-term cost savings, keeping your workforce on their toes and lessening the opportunities for costly thefts.

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