Never a dull day.

Being a female in this industry has never been easy. Until recently I thought, and then technology takes over. Never having been heavily involved on the operational side of the business, for the past 30 years, my talents have been stretched today. Being two of the team down on the Midlands team, I have learnt to download/stream videos. Monitor live vehicle tracking from a new Internet platform, deploy a covert vehicle tracker in broad daylight, and prepare an Affidavit from a observation log for a court case on Monday. That was in-between analysing the month end data, meeting with our web people and dealing with the general running of the non-operational side of things.

There was a bonus to the day though, our photographs were in print again, last month it was Lancashire Life, this month it was the ABI quarterly magazine. Who knows, maybe I will start to think about writing that book everyone keeps on about !?

Being a 24 hour service, I have a share in phone duty this weekend, so who knows I maybe stretched even further over the next couple of days.