Premium Private Investigators

Private detectives can provide professional private investigations services for a huge variety of corporate sector bodies, commercial organisations and private individuals.

Private investigations for commercial establishments could resolve issues including employee theft of property, money or sensitive information, absenteeism, security systems analysis and industrial espionage.

Insight Security management can utilise their considerable expertise in order to enhance security and protect vital information which can seriously compromise productivity and profitability if it falls into the wrong hands.

Private individuals may require the services of private detectives in order to secure impartial private investigations information on suspected partner infidelity, tracing missing persons, background and lifestyle reports, photographic and video evidence and observation.

For corporate entities, private detectives can secure information and intelligence on due diligence, internal theft and pilfering, observation and competitor profiling.

All areas of expertise involve the use of sophisticated technologies which enable debugging, tracking, observation and countersurveillance.  Insight is a fully certified and approved member of the World Association of professional investigators; therefore all of our operations are carried out in full compliance to the law and to the highest standards of professionalism.

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We always operate with the highest levels of discretion and tailor our services to meet the exact requirements of each brief and each client.