The tell-tale signs of employee theft

There are many different ways that an employee can steal from you and it’s not always about stealing money or stock from you in an obvious way. Some of the methods that employees use can be fairly sophisticated and hard to spot. For example, doctoring claim expenses, creating fake payroll records, creating fake customers and suppliers to siphon money to and skimming the takings from customers are all quite popular.
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There are however, some tell-tale warning signs that you can look out for if you suspect that one or more of your employees might be stealing from you. These signs include:

  • Unusual behaviour
  • Expensive purchases made by employee/s
  • Frequent changes in cash balances
  • Missing items
  • Hearing that an employee may be experiencing financial difficulties

We all know that it’s not nice to suspect your employees of theft but if you spot these signs and you currently have an issue with theft, then it may be necessary to take action. Whether you take this action internally or externally should be considered carefully. Conducting an internal investigation, whilst time consuming, is obviously cheaper but it leaves you open to accusations of bias and a case brought against you if it leads to the wrongful termination of an employee.

Whatever the scenario, it’s important that you don’t jump to the wrong conclusion and this is when it pays to work with an experienced private investigation company to help you build a water-tight case. At Insight Investigations we help employers collate and analyse evidence. We have many years experience of dealing with employee theft situations and we know what to look out for and the type of evidence you are going to need if you want to take action. If you suspect that you may have an employee theft problem then please get in touch and discuss your situation with us.