Business Owners Turning To Private Investigators?

business private investigators

We reported last month that we’d experienced a large number of commercial enquiries looking to discuss the benefits of employee observation and absenteeism investigations; it seems it is not just Insight who are seeing this trend.

It was with interest we read an article in the London Evening Standard recently entitled “Banker, broker, trader, spy – the private investigators who have the city under observation”; it spoke of how City bosses are turning to private investigators to reduce costs in these torrid times of financial strain by catching out employees who are acting in a way that does not toe the line with their job description.

The article stated that companies looking to cut staffing costs have used private investigators to catch employees in the act of sneaking off work early, continuously taking extended lunch breaks and repeated false sickness as a means to get rid of them without the need for a court tribunal; itself potentially costing a fortune.

We appreciate that companies are looking to cut costs however when Insight consider a case we look into the whole situation before agreeing to go ahead; from the accusation, available evidence and most of all the legality of the enquiry; if they want illegal methods to get result we will not undertake or even consider proceeding for financial gain.

It is a shame that in this day and age that the financial crisis has put strain on both ends of the spectrum; employer and employee. We have seen employees acting in an extremely underhand way that can have huge implications on their employer and also companies acting in a way that can have devastating effects on their employee.

Whatever the future holds it should be with great caution that the private investigation sector should analyse and make decisions on such cases.