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Computer Forensics

The use of computers is integral to many aspects of our daily lives, both at home and at work. Most of the time, computers make our lives easier and enable us to feel more connected to our friends and family around the world.

Computer Forensics

However, there is also a dark side to computer use. Computers can be used to steal, abuse and harass people, exploit individuals, and cause harm to others.

It is often thought that once a computer file or internet browsing history is deleted from the hard drive, that information is lost forever. In fact, every keystroke and mouse click leaves an indelible trail that is recoverable through computer forensics.

At Insight Investigations, we have a team of highly skilled computer forensics experts that can recover the data from any device, as long as there is not a mechanical fault with it.

Uses for Computer Forensics

Businesses and private individuals turn to us for computer forensics on a wide variety of cases.

Typical cases for businesses and organisations include finding evidence of computer misuse, executive misconduct, intellectual property theft, libellous content on a website, cloning of websites, and employment disputes.

Private individuals often ask whether we can find proof that their partner is being unfaithful, computer misuse including pornography and extremism, and online bullying and harassment.

Recoverable Data

Computer forensics is able to recover a wide variety of data including overwritten files, deleted emails, internet-browsing history, and any images viewed or saved.

It is also possible to detect the days and times that any data is viewed, created, changed and deleted.

At Insight, we only use legal methods to recover data from computers and other devices. This means that we must be granted access to the device and permitted to search.

Once our experts have carried out a thorough examination of the computer, we will prepare a report detailing any evidence discovered. The report will include copies of any documents, data and images we have traced.

Digital forensics can be carried out on a range of equipment including computers and laptops, USB sticks, external hard drives and servers.

Whether you are concerned that your children are exposed to the darker side of the internet, looking for evidence of your partners’ infidelity, or require confirmation that your staff are involved in inappropriate computer use, we have a service to suit your needs.

We use the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques to uncover the evidence and all evidence will only be handled by experienced computer forensics experts, so that all data is admissible in court or at an employment tribunal.

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