Are you concerned about the security of your home or business premises?

At Insight Investigations, we understand that whether you are a private individual or a large multinational corporation, there is always a possibility that you could become a victim of crime.

We offer a wide range of private security services for your premises, regardless of whether it ïs a private, personal or business property. Our protection experts have years of experience with security and protection, and are committed to providing the best solution for your requirements. Understanding your situation is key to us being able to provide the best possible advice.

Premises Security

The protection of your property is serious business. As a long established detective agency, we have access to the latest technology, offering the best protection available. Our experienced operatives can install, monitor and maintain security devices such as covert and overt CCTV cameras and hidden cameras, enabling you to see what ïs happening on your premises at all times.

We also install other security technology including burglar alarms, security gates, security lighting and motion detectors. In addition, we offer a range of manned security services.

Other Protection Services

Protecting your property involves more than just ensuring your premises are safe from criminal activities. With computers an integral part of our daily lives, the potential for misuse is a very real possibility. We provide computer forensics services for businesses and private individuals, with typical investigations including misuse and misconduct at work, intellectual property theft, employment disputes, and online bullying and harassment.

Asset tracking has become increasingly popular over the last few years as a way of checking on the location of company vehicles or other expensive assets. Insight uses a range of GPS and GSM technology to monitor assets 24 hours per day.

Asset tracking technology is used for a variety of reasons, including checking expenses claims, checking the location of a vehicle or other asset, confirming the safe delivery of expensive goods, or if you suspect an employee of moonlighting.

Security Surveys

If you have any concerns over your security measures and want to consult professional security experts, we also provide consultation services. Our team has years of experience in protection and will conduct a thorough review of your premises and give an independent assessment of its vulnerabilities.

We have access to the latest security equipment and know how to use it to give you ultimate peace of mind over your security. We also have a comprehensive knowledge of legal requirements and regulations, and make sure that all solutions comply with the law.

For further details on any of our protection services, contact Insight Investigations today for a discussion with one of our protection experts.

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