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The protection of your property is serious business. Whether you are a private individual or a multinational corporation, criminal damage to your property can be distressing, financially damaging, and emotionally upsetting.

At Insight Investigations, we understand that whoever you are, you may still be vulnerable to criminal activities, so we have a team of security professionals with the skills and knowledge to make an independent assessment of the vulnerability of your premises.

Why You Need a Security Survey

The threat of theft and vandalism can be greatly reduced by effective security measures. A security survey will help to pinpoint the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current security. It will help you to tackle problem areas, and give you a fresh insight into combating future problems.

Aside from minimising financial losses, a security survey of your premises will provide your staff or your family with increased peace of mind. In business terms, that could lead to further benefits such as lower insurance premiums, a happier working environment and therefore increased efficiency, and an improved image from your customers perspective.

Carrying Out a Security Survey

Our security professionals use a systematise approach to surveying your home or business premises. We examine the perimeter of the property, check the integrity of the buildings, and look at the security of specific rooms. We will also check the effectiveness of your current security measures.

Once we have carried out a full examination, we will present our findings to you in a comprehensive report that is easy to understand and fully illustrated. We will assess the overall vulnerability of the premises, and highlight any areas at particular risk. Finally, we will suggest an action plan that will include cost-effective solutions to any issues we have found.

How Insight Can Help You

As an investigation agency, our staff have many years experience in crime prevention and detection, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to notice any flaws in your current security measures.

We also have access to the latest security technology and equipment, and know how to install it to give you complete peace of mind.

Investing in a security survey along with a number of preventative measures will require a small outlay, but by taking steps to prevent crime you will be saving money in the long run and minimising the risk of any future problems.

If you have any concerns over the security of your residential or commercial property, contact Insight Investigations today and speak with one of our security experts.

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