Media Reporting Wide of The Mark

It is with sadness and again shock that we read an article in The Telegraph over the weekend entitled “Private Detectives Are Out Of Control In Britain” by Jake Willis Simons.

The article seemed to try and shock the audience with “stunning” news that the private detective industry is un-regulated and anybody can operate within the industry whilst also centering on the fact Lord Stevens; a former Metropolitan Police Commissioner had been under observation from a private detective agency.

Is it really of any benefit to keep writing the same old story and going over old ground? In our opinion it is not helping anyone; especially with an active solution being sought by our industry, the general public and Government into regulating private detectives in the right way as soon as possible.

We at Insight independently, and via our professional association WAPI, are assisting actively the government in bringing in legislation to license Private Investigators. It is true., currently anyone can set themselves up as a private investigator criminal record or not and we wish this was not the case. We repeatedly are rectifying for clients those errors and mistakes made by other investigators, such mistakes being made either though inexperience or incompetence.

The general public need not panic unnecessarily though, if they are searching for an investigator contact any advertised company and ask questions. Are they experienced? What are their credentials? Don’t just take the agencies word check whatever you can, most reputable agencies have a degree of transparency. Despite the discretion of the profession, it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Any investigator worth his or her title would have known about a seminar in Leicester yesterday where both the ICO and SIA were in attendance to discuss with private investigators how they saw the future shaping up and also to see how things are moving forward in terms of licensing.

It really is time for such reputable journalists and writers to start focusing on positive steps being made, not just re-writing the same old story using another high profile name and trying to shock the general public; casting more cloud over our valuable profession.

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