Private Investigation is now a highly sophisticated operation. To meet the needs of our clients, Insight Investigations invest in the very latest technologies so that we can deliver the type of service that is required. Technologies such as tie-pin cameras, GPS tracking, are amongst some of the important elements of the Private Investigators kit.

The law in the UK is very strict about what is admissible in court. The use of technology helps significantly in the building of an investigation. It might be that you are required to gather evidence to put in front of an employer or business associate. In these circumstance, equipment can help you build a compelling case, as long as this information is gathered legally within the parameters of UK Law. Our Private Investigators will know how to plan your specific operation, decide what equipment might be needed and advise on what evidence will be admissible in court. Insight will only advise on methods that are legal within the UK.

Many professions utilise the services of private investigators. Generally the legal and financial professions use them the most, but they are also increasingly used by industry, retail and by the general public. Typical cases that we might get involved in are investigating insurance fraud, corporate fraud, due diligence or gathering evidence for anti-social behaviour, these are in addition to the traditional services offered by private investigators to the general public. Call now for help and advice 0800 14 55 123 Freecall.

Insight also provides TCMS, Technical Counter Measure Sweeps. Commonly referred to as debugging. For many many years espionage technology has been available in some form, but not so readily available or as sophisticated as now with the many outlets that provide such equipment. Organisations as well as private individuals, who have any concerns that their private conversations are being eavesdropped on, should call one of our specialists in this field, to help resolve the situation.

Our investigators use technology across a broad range of investigative services including:

Every case is different and will require a different approach. The use of technology combined with our investigators expertise and experience will enable you to find the best solution for your circumstances.

So whether you are a government office who needs an investigator to identify benefit fraud, a company who wants to guard against Observation being used on their company, or a member of the general public who wants more protection in their own home, then we can help.

We not only use technology but we can hire or sell it direct to you as well, giving you appropriate advice on what is best for your needs.

Criminal activity in your home or at your business can be emotionally and financially damaging if you are the victim. technology can be your guard or one of the tools that you use to protect what is rightfully yours. Speak to one of specialist team now on 0800 14 55 123 to discuss your requirements in more detail.