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Asset tracking

Asset tracking has become increasingly popular over the last few years as a covert method of checking on the whereabouts of a person, vehicle or other company asset.

At Insight Investigations, we use the latest powerful asset tracking technology to assist with a number of private and commercial investigations, both within the UK and around the world.

Asset Tracking Technology

Insight uses state of the art GPS and GSM technology, to monitor assets 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Using this technology our experienced operatives can accurately monitor, record and interpret vital intelligence and information on valuable assets.

Depending on your requirements, we can present the findings as a live report, or concentrating on specific days and times that you specify. Once we have all available data, we will clearly lay out the information on digital maps to show the routes taken, location of any stops, and the time spent at each place.

Our asset tracking system is not web based, giving you peace of mind that the investigation is 100% secure, and can be carried out covertly and effectively.

Uses for Asset Tracking Technology

Asset tracking technology can be an invaluable source of evidence for a variety of private and corporate investigations, including:

  • If you suspect an employee of illegally using company assets for private use.
  • If you suspect an employee of deviating from a planned route, or falsifying expenses.
  • To track high-value goods such as boats or caravans.
  • To track containers.
  • To monitor delivery of small, expensive electrical goods.
  • If you suspect an employee of theft or breach of contract.
  • If you suspect an employee of moonlighting while on sick leave.
  • If you suspect a partner of being unfaithful.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Investment in GPS or GSM tracking systems can lead to long-term savings for your business. They can improve the efficiency of your workforce, stamp out unnecessary business expenses, and lower the cost and inconvenience caused by the loss of valuable company assets.

Asset tracking is also a cost-effective method of observation, and a less intrusive way of following somebody under suspicion.

Our tried and tested technology is an invaluable tool for carrying out observations on difficult targets in complex cases. Once our investigations are complete, we can then discuss whether follow-up physical observations are required.

To find out more about our state-of-the-art asset tracking technology, or to discuss using our services, call us today.

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