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Computer security

You may have a serious concern about the activities and communications taking place on your home or business computer. We can provide software tools for monitoring both Mac and Windows operating systems and the average computer user is likely to be capable of installing this in minutes, as this software is designed to be as simple to install as possible.
Computer Monitoring

If you do not feel entirely confident with technology but can allow us complete access to the machine, then we can attend and install the software for you.

Such software enables you to see whether your machine is being used to send sensitive information via email or host email accounts you were not aware of, record websites visited, record activity via Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites and messaging as well as record whatever is typed on to the keyboard. It can also block users from accessing sites of your choice or alert you if specific language is typed.

We even have tools to recover deleted data from the computer as well as the capability of finding data deleted from USB sticks and SD cards which were at some time used on that same computer.

If you are concerned about what may have gone on in the past rather than the present, then we have devices that can in most cases scan and identify previous conversations conducted via messaging services such as windows messenger or skype for example.

Children are increasingly exposed to pornography at a younger age, as even unintentionally it can easily be located on the Internet. We have tools to help you search the computer for such images. Many computer viruses contaminate computers through pornography sites as well, so this can be a useful tool to have to clean up your system and improve the computers performance.

If your computer has been locked so that you cannot gain access to it or you have forgotten your entry password, we can provide you with the ability to enable you to regain entry to your machine and re-establish control. This is also a useful tool for where you need to load software on to your machine but you have been locked out with a password.

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