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Prevention of Crime

Are you concerned that your property is vulnerable to vandalism or theft? Do you need to monitor the behaviour of your employees or a troublesome neighbour?

Criminal activities, large or small, can cause distress, emotional upset and are often financially damaging.

Insight Investigations offers a full range of security measures, designed to prevent crime in the workplace or at your home. Our experienced team of investigators have years of experience in crime prevention methods and are able to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Crime Prevention Consultancy

If you’re concerned about criminal activities, crime prevention consultancy can reveal any weaknesses in your security that could enable criminals to siphon money from your business, or cause theft or vandalism to your commercial or private property.

Criminal behaviour can usually be eradicated by a single or combination of tactics involving the latest security technology, and physical observation and security.

Crime Prevention Technology

At Insight, we use the latest technology in our crime prevention solutions. Our experienced operatives are able to install, monitor and maintain security devices including CCTV and hidden cameras. We use a range of systems suitable for protecting a residential property or large commercial premises.

We also install site security measures such as burglar alarms, motion sensor detectors, remote access gates and security lighting.

Often, the presence of crime prevention technology can be sufficient to deter a criminal from targeting your property, and their installation will provide you with peace of mind.

Other Crime Prevention Methods

In addition to technology, Insight can provide you with a range of tactics for protecting your premises, including manned site security, and the installation of hidden safes.

We also have over 30 years’ experience in observation, and offer a full range of observation techniques, including:

  • Mobile observation – Observation of a person or persons if you suspect them of illegal activity that could be damaging to your business, or for pre-employment screening.
  • Static observation – Observation of a particular location if you suspect illegal activities such as drug dealing or fly-tipping are taking place, or if a resident is suffering from abuse or harassment from others.
  • Covert observation – Where an operative goes undercover to work within a company in order to befriend certain people and uncover evidence of illegal activity.
  • GPS Tracking – The fitting of a GPS tracker to a vehicle or other asset in order to track its location and uncover evidence of wrongdoing.

It’s often said that prevention is the best cure. If you’re interested in discussing how crime prevention methods can give you peace of mind at your home or in your business activities, call us today to discuss any of the above services, or to arrange for a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Please contact us direct with your requirements or situation scenario so that an experienced operative may advise you on the way forward.

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