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Electronic security can quite often be a delicate area, and a legal minefield. Insight hire and sell a wide range of electronic equipment.

Please be aware that we will only advise on matters that are within the UK law.
Phone Monitoring

There are a range of tools to recover lost or deleted information from a mobile phone or to monitor its current use in relation to family or employee matters.

We have a selection of devices which enable you to record the content of incoming and outgoing calls on landline and mobile phones. You must be aware that Insight will only act within your best interest and this will also include advising against such methods if they are not legal.

Listening Devices

If you need to record a conversation you are party to or wish to hear what people are discussing when you are not present then we have a range of devices for sale that can be used in the home, office or car and many other locations with the capability of recording from a couple of hours through to hundreds of hours and to record at pre-set dates and times.


If you need to discreetly film and record events that take place in your home, office or car and many other locations when you are not present, then we have a range of devices for sale which are available in many sizes and forms, from the innocent looking teddy bear, a phone charger or a table lamp to a weather resistant and camouflaged camera for use on the exterior or your property and grounds. There are numerous to choose from to suit most circumstances. For the most complex of scenarios, we can also provide bespoke covert high-specification camera installations too.


Please contact us direct with your requirements or situation scenario so that an experienced operative may advise you on the way forward.

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