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Polygraph testing, commonly referred to as a ‘lie detector test’ measures and records several physiological indicators such as an individual’s pulse, blood pressure, respiration and skin conductivity whilst they are asked and answering a series of questions. The results of the polygraph are intended to then indicate whether the answers given were deceptive or non-deceptive based on the physiological responses of the individual.

Insight investigations aims to adhere to the varying needs of our clients by investing in the latest technologies to provide the required services. Polygraph testing is an interrogation tool which is being more frequently used by authorities and law enforcement agencies around the globe to ascertain the truth. With lie detection being a proven method of detecting deception and having almost 100% accuracy it is a method of investigation insight are keen to pursue.

Whether it be for corporate or private issues, Insight can provide polygraph testing whilst maintaining complete client confidentiality.  Within corporations or businesses there may be internal issues such as employee drug testing, pre-employment screening tests, proving discrimination or even to help increase the security levels within the business itself. Other more private matters which may require a polygraph test could consist of family disputes, domestic violence, infidelity and various accusations, all of which Insight can help to settle.

It is advisable to contact Insight investigations if you require a polygraph testing service as there are certain elements of the testing process which require prior discussion before commencing this type of investigation.

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