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In modern investigations there is no substitute for experience. Combining this with the latest technology available in the investigation industry, a perceptive understanding of human nature, together with a truthful understanding of current laws, Insight provide you with one of the best services available in the UK investigation Industry.

Insight Investigations are dedicated to providing their clients with a level of service that aims to continue to promote the advancing profile of the UK Investigation Industry. This statement was made by Insight in 1991 and is still true today.

The world moves on, quality remains. The Directors of Insight Investigations are members The World Association of Professional Investigators. Insight treats its Membership of the Association seriously and adhere to their Codes of Conduct in all its dealings. Membership of the Association certifies that Insight is not just answerable to its clients as to its integrity, but also the Investigative Industry as a whole.


Insight Investigations is an independent agency with it’s head office based in the Midlands. Established in 1991 and founded on over 20 years of experience, Insight has grown by providing high quality support to our professional counterparts, and to many other organisations and private individuals.

Operating throughout the UK, our investigative techniques and expertise involve us in national and international inquiries, using experienced and tenacious investigators and support staff. We cover the full spectrum of private investigations including the appropriate use of specialist facilities such as forensic testing, handwriting analysis and polygraph examinations, including modern day techniques with the aid of technical surveillance and tracking equipment.

Our services are offered to commercial enterprises, industry and private individuals alike, covering legal, professional and personal matters. As such we uncover and are privy to, information that is highly confidential and often of a sensitive nature. Our total discretion and honesty can be relied upon at all times.

In order to maintain client confidentiality, Insight never ask private clients to provide “Testimonials”. Very few people want to admit to having to use an Investigation Agency, Insight are quite often called on at times of commercial and personal emotional stress and find it inappropriate to ask private clients to add testimony to their disposition. We have however many testimonials from Legal and Commercial clients, some of which we have worked with for over 20 years, which can be viewed.

In addition to our commercial and Legal testimonials, Insight have made many appearances in the TV and Radio Media and on line and press.  To view our appearances view here
Our client base is extensive and wide ranging from Large Corporations, Small Companies, Government Bodies, Major Banking houses, The Media, and Private Individuals.

Insight, a name that was chosen carefully and its meaning taken literally. A word that conveys inherent qualities; those which you look for and need from the services of an investigation agency. That is, the ability to understand sometimes complex situations or problems and to perceive clearly the action required to bring an assignment to a successful conclusion. It is also the ability to understand people, their behaviour and their mental processes. Qualities which are acquired with years of experience and ongoing training.

Our administrative staff of trained legal secretaries and qualified business graduates ensure that your instructions are dealt with efficiently and promptly.
We are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of providing a quality service, taking full advantage of technological advances in both the field and office environments.