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Evidence Gathering

We can help with evidence gathering investigations for court, commercial and private matters, where evidence and detailed reporting are essential.
Evidence Gathering is all about getting the correct facts and figures so you know what you are heading into.

When investigations lead to evidence gathering, trying to separate fact from fiction, rumour from conjecture, and establish a clear, coherent and comprehensive timeline of facts can be incredibly time-consuming. But it’s an essential element of any investigation.

At Insight Investigations, we have an outstanding reputation for gathering information and evidence for use in litigation, criminal defence and appeal matters, where detailed, comprehensive reporting is of paramount importance. Our team of skilled private detectives are regularly engaged by law firms, government bodies, local councils, commercial enterprises, and private individuals to obtain the evidence they need in support of their cases.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Essentially, a private detective is a regular citizen with the same rights and access to information as other citizens, so why hire one?

Private detectives are excellent at their jobs. They are adept at searching for information online, and in the locality of on investigation, they have the ability to watch and listen to their targets without being obtrusive. Because they’re independent of the parties involved, they have a degree of anonymity which means people are more likely to let their guard down and let something slip.

Solicitors have heavy caseloads to juggle, companies have businesses to run, and private individuals have their own lives and jobs to consider. But a private detective has the time and attention to focus on your case. They also enjoy more freedom than police or those in the legal profession who often have strict time scale procedures to adhere to.

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Surveillance and Information Gathering

Almost every investigation involves some form of surveillance. Our experienced team of detectives uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to ensure we obtain strong evidence that’s admissible in a court of law or tribunal.

We have access to a range of overt and covert cameras, and all our camera footage comes with a date and time stamp for use in court. We use state-of-the-art vehicle tracing systems with the ability to pinpoint the location of a vehicle at all times, and we provide physical surveillance where necessary.

As a detective agency, we’re skilled at identifying witnesses who could be pivotal to a case, and we’re specialists at compiling detailed and comprehensive witness statements.

Once we’ve gathered all the available evidence, we will present it in a clear, concise and comprehensive report that’s admissible for use at all forms of courts and at a tribunal. Where necessary, we will also attend at a court or tribunal to give testament to that evidence.

If you need help gathering information for a case, give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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