2018 Guide to Private Investigator Costs

At Insight Investigations one of our most frequently asked questions is ‘How much will a Private Investigator cost’ as quite naturally everyone wants to know how much a typical investigation will cost.

Of course, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ investigation, much as there is no ’typical’ car on the roads today. Every investigation is unique and whilst many of the techniques and process we would undertake are similar, every case is different.

To try and help though we have recently undertaken a ‘mystery shopping**’ exercise across a number of Private Investigator and Detective companies throughout the UK and we are now able to bring you a guide to current typical Investigator prices.

Private Investigator fees can vary dramatically so it is worth shopping around to find a company that you trust, not necessarily the cheapest quote you get. Remember that you are paying for time and experience and often an experienced investigator will charge more per hour but get the job done in less time.

As you will see below, surveillance fees are typically from £45-£75 per hour although the can range at the extremes from £20 per hour up to £150 per hour. Tracing people will typically cost around £150 to £200 and background checks from £200 to £1200.

Private Investigator Price List

You should be aware that the following figures are simply guidelines as to what you might expect to pay when engaging a Private Investigator and every firm and every case will be different. All the first companies we spoke to were happy to provide fees estimates upfront so don’t forget to ask for this when you call.

Surveillance£45 – £75 per hour
Surveillance fees vary dependent upon the complexity and location of an investigation, in some circumstances, it will require a two (or more) person team, depending on what type of surveillance is required. Most professional firms will assign you a dedicated case manager who will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective solution to bring an investigation to its best possible result, using technology as well as manpower to gather the evidence you need. Read more
Tracing Enquiries£150 – £200
Tracing people can be a straightforward affair or at times an immensely complex process. If you are looking for someone with whom you have lost contact then you might expect to pay less than if you are trying to trace someone who has ‘disappeared’ as they don’t want to be found.Read more
Process Serving£85 – £150 Fixed
There are a great many process servers across the country and most firms operate on a fixed fee basis for this work. Of the firms we reviewed, most tried to service papers up to three times and included travel, report preparation and phone calls all within the cost. Typical prices can range but for those firms offering the services we described here they were typically £85 -£150 although there was an additional cost for the preparation of and attending to swear, Affidavit of Service.Read more
Background Checks£55 – £95 Per Hour
Carrying out professional background checks is becoming more important these days and many firms and individuals find the need to do this to protect themselves against future issues.
Straightforward checks on Companies and services such as asset tracing generally started at £200 and went upwards from there depending on the size and complexity of the task.Read more
RTA and Incident plans£160 – £220 Fixed
Many investigators will offer to provide Scene of Incident sketch plans and photographs which can then be used in a court case. Typically firms included;
Attending at the scene, sketches of Locus, measurements of Locus, photographs of Locus and development and report preparation. Some but not all firms also included attending to obtain detailed hand written statements from witnesses, section 9 or CJA,Read more
GPS Tracking£200 – £750 Fixed
There are several devices that can be deployed dependent upon circumstances and legalities and any competent firm will be able to advise on this for you. Those we spoke to typically had two rates, one for historical tracking and the other for live tracking. Prices for these varies from £200-£300 for historical tracking and £500-£750 for live tracking although all firms were at pains to point out that these prices were a starting point only and fees would go up the longer the time required to complete the job.
Other Private Investigator Service Fees£55 – £95 Per Hour
Of course, there are many other services provided by Private Investigators and each of them has different charges for those services.
Typically, we found that you got what you paid for and those charging a higher fee were often members of professional bodies, had many years of experience and could provide us with case studies of previous jobs they had undertaken. Most reputable investigators will only quote for assignments that can be completed legally within the UK.Read more

Private Detective Costs

The cost of hiring a private investigator or team of investigators can be expensive if you do not choose to work with the right investigation agency first time. We know that many agencies will provide you with a quote that actually turns out Private Investigator Costs to be a basic price with added costs being incurred throughout your investigation along the way.

Here at Insight our priorities are plain and simple when it comes to providing you with a price, we will give you a fully inclusive price that is based upon the nature of your enquiry. Our fees include all mileage, all client reporting, client liaison, any photographic or video footage we obtain during the course of the investigations.

We believe in giving you value for money from the first time you contact us. Each investigation is different, even if the principles are the same. Choosing the right course of action to take, should be straightforward, after discussion with us, as we will give you our many years of knowledge and experience on how to resolve your case and get to the truth of a problem.
Our fully inclusive pricing includes;

Minor Disbursements [This could be costs of a beverage or similar that is justified by the need for an investigator to be in a bar/ coffee house or similar circumstances. This would not include the scenario of our investigator having to book a 1st class flight to New York on a surveillance enquiry, but it does cover the basics.]
Agent’s travel time [To and from the starting location of the operation]
Mileage [Except in exceptional circumstances]
– Client Reporting [Written or Digital or Verbal]
– Client Liaison [This covers all telephone conversations you may have with us and email correspondence]
– All Set-Up Fees

All of our hourly charges are based on the complexity of an enquiry and the level of investigation required in order to bring your enquiry to a successful conclusion.
Some agencies will quote lower than we do but we would advise that you query any quoted Fee and get it confirmed that the price is indeed all you will be charged, with no ‘hidden’ extras. We will provide you with a fully inclusive price plus VAT.

For further insight into the cost of an investigation please call one of our experienced team who will be able to explain fully the costs.
Tell us your problem and we’ll give you the solution for it, no matter how complex or sensitive. Call us now on 0800 14 55 123 for a discreet and efficient service.

So, if you are looking to engage a professional detective or investigator to look into a matter for you then generally expect to pay slightly higher prices for the better firms and be sure to ask for professional accreditation and bodies before engaging the company to work for you.

**Prices were obtained in a blind sample during early 2016 and revised early in 2017 and 2018 however they may be subject to change at any point. All prices will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate if the firm you use is VAT registered.

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