Surveillance and Observations

Sometimes, the best way to get information is to watch and observe the situation, this can be very time consuming and an untrained eye has the potential to miss vital pieces of information.

Let Insight do the work for you.
Surveillance investigations is one of the best ways to gather information on a target.

Insight has over 30 years’ experience in all types of surveillance and observations. Our specialist teams combine the highest level of training with innovative thought patterns in order to get to the truth of a situation, to help resolve your problem.

Evidence gathered legally through surveillance when required for legal proceeding, can be the difference between proving or disproving a case. Feet on the ground to report on the real time actions of a partner, family member, business partner, employee or claimant can act as unequivocal proof when it’s most needed.

Our surveillance specialists, from multi disciplined backgrounds, which helps to improve the level of service we can provide.

Despite there being a number of DIY observation gadgets available on the market in the majority of cases a surveillance team who provide a wholly unbiased body of evidence can be much more impactful in a court of law or civil claim. Our specialist team understands the parameters of ethics, UK law and how to present a case in both crown and magistrates court on your behalf.

Gaining evidence through surveillance to present in family or business situations gives you the ability to prove your case, and not relying on hearsay.

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Surveillance That You Can Trust

Our team of investigators come from either a Police or Military background, or alternatively have many years of experience in the field working as private investigators. They have been meticulously hand-selected to work with us, based on their level of training and experience gained in their previous fields of work.

When you hire a surveillance team from Insight, you can rest assured knowing that our investigators will be highly skilled in critical thinking, situational awareness, and attention to detail, exercising judgement and decision-making. All elements that are crucial in bringing an investigation to a successful conclusion.

With this skillset, our worldwide network of international agents can ensure that they can start your investigation without delay, whether than be in the UK or overseas.

Insight Investigations have undertaken a variety of surveillance activities such as:

Cases such as fraudulent benefit and insurance claims, employees theft, gathering evidence for anti-social behaviour and monitoring extra-marital affairs are all part of an investigator’s role, in getting to the truth of a situation for clients.

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Surveillance for Insurance Fraud

Insurance-related surveillance is a major element of an investigators work, as Claim Adjusters do not have the time of resources to investigate whether claimants are telling the truth. Therefore, in scenarios where there is a case for reasonable doubt, using surveillance helps to give an unbiased view of what actions a claimant has undertaken, especially if the claim pertains to personal injury. As in some cases, it has been proven that a personal injury claimant has been perfectly able-bodied, leaving them liable for insurance fraud.

Surveillance Fees:

Many circumstances determine surveillance, and its cost, that we are happy to discuss with you in a free initial telephone consultation, as a guideline the below costs are current.

  • Urban cover areas: £450 + VAT for 4 hours, with £65 + VAT per hour extended.
  • Rural areas: £499 + VAT and £75 + VAT per hour extended.
  • Package: 40 Hours between £2600-£3000 depending on area.
  • In most circumstances surveillance costs include, mileage, minor disbursements, all client liaison and reporting.

The type of surveillance required can vary, depending on both situation and circumstances, so it’s important that the right one is used to investigate your case. To find out more, contact Insight Investigations for free advice and help on your situation, and to find out if surveillance is the correct route to take. Call us today on the number below or use our contact form to discuss your needs in complete confidence.

You will speak with an experienced Insight case handler, who is also an experienced Investigator, and who will assist you in discussing your problem and finding the way forward to attaining the correct solution for you.

We asked our Head of Surveillance to give an honest inside opinion of surveillance:

The comments are interesting but valid.

We hear time and time again “you just turn up at the address sit in a car and watch what happens”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Any diligent Private Investigator worthy of the title would, firstly, attend the area surrounding the surveillance site prior to the surveillance and examine ways of entrance and exit to the area and any other topographical matters that may directly affect the surveillance.

Nothing is worse than sitting at a location for several hours and the subject suddenly leaves the address and drives past you whilst your parked facing the wrong way and a hasty, and noticeable, three point turn is then required to maintain sight of the subject.

Or sitting unnecessarily close to an address only to find that the neighbour paying attention to your parked car is a good friend of the subject of the surveillance.

It takes a certain skill to undertake surveillance CORRECTLY and obtain a result that is of use to the client.

I feel that here at Insight our Surveillance Investigators are just that., Surveillance Agents who have honed their skills through training and experience gained in active surveillance who can attain the required evidence as a result of that dedication to their profession. .

Insight’s own Surveillance Agents have worked in many countries adapting to local environments so different from the UK on many occasions and that is the mark of a good surveillance operation.

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