Surveillance has played a significant role in the investigation industry for many years and here at Insight Investigations we have over 30 years of experience in all types of surveillance activities.

The use of evidence gathered through surveillance is often the most convincing and objective evidence available in a court of law. It can help prove or disprove cases as long as appropriate investigative practices following the law and good video documentation has been carried out.

Our experienced investigators regularly use video surveillance equipment to gather evidence that normally would be very difficult to obtain. For example, we use highly sophisticated cameras, and video recorders allowing good quality images to be produced at a distance and therefore conducive to surveillance operations. We also have specialist surveillance vehicles for when the complexities of an investigation require their use.

Many of our investigators come from a Police or Military background or have many years experience in the field as private investigators and have been hand-picked for the type of training and experience they would have gained. You can rest assured that our investigators will be highly skilled in critical thinking, situational awareness, attention to detail, exercising judgment and decision-making. All essential elements that help bring an investigation to a successful conclusion. Our worldwide network of international agents, with the appropriate specialist skills in their country, ensures that we can start your investigation without delay, be that in the UK or overseas.

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At Insight Investigations we have undertaken a wide variety of surveillance activities that include:

Cases such as fraudulent benefit and insurance claimants, employees suspected of theft, gathering evidence for anti-social behaviour and monitoring extra-marital affairs are all part of an investigator’s role, in getting to the truth of a situation for clients.

Insurance-related surveillance is a major element of an investigators work. Claims Adjusters do not have the time or resource to investigate whether claimants are telling the truth so in scenarios where there is a case for reasonable doubt, using surveillance helps to give an unbiased view of what actions a claimant has taken, especially if the claim pertains to personal injury. There have been numerous cases documented where personal injury claimants have been proven to be perfectly able-bodied.

Situation and circumstances can vary and so does the type of surveillance required. Contact us now for free advice and help on your specific situation 0800 14 55 123 to discuss your surveillance needs in complete confidence.